Introduction to Keyboard.

XYZ Keys: Debut Course

An Introduction to the world of Piano and reading music!

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About this course

This course has been designed to build a solid foundation of musical knowledge, reading skill, and performance ability on the Piano. 

Course content


Intro to Piano

Intro to Rhythm

Learning C D E

Adding F + G

Rests and Pieces for Right Hand


Bass Clef + Playing in 3

Bass Clef G + F

Hands Together

Staccato and Repeats


More Hands Together

When The Saints Go Marching In

Treble Clef A

Treble Clef B + C


Bass Clef E D + C

Sharps and Flats

High D In Treble Clef

G Major

Quavers (8th Notes)

Can-Can, Scales, and Dynamics



Clean Quarters

Crashing Around

Groove King

The 8th Time

Meet the expert

Duncan Lee

“I have been drumming for 14 years now. I have studied with several great teachers who have all had a big impact on my approach to the drums including Glen Child, Oli Baxendale, Dan Foord, Steve Vintner and Will Gates. I have also attended a four-day Master Session with the fantastic Benny Greb. Over the past 10 years, I have focused on building strong relationships with my students. I offer extreme flexibility in my teaching method to suit every type of student. I sit my students through Rockschool and Trinity Guildhall exams. It never seizes to amaze me just how capable students can be if they are given effective tools to help them tackle any obstacle in their drumming lives! I feel very comfortable teaching all genres of music and have sat over 200 students in for exams. I strongly believe that students have a lot more to learn after grade 8 and I will do my best to stop complacency once this grand target has been reached!”


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Elizabeth Byrom

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