Introduction to Bass.

XYZ Bass: Debut Course

An Introduction to the world of Bass Guitar and what it has to offer!

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About this course

Welcome to the XYZ Bass: Debut Course. This course is designed to: give you core knowledge of the bass guitar, help you hone your musical skills and to create a life-long passion for the instrument. 

The course consists of many elements to give you a broad introduction to music. Firstly, this course will show you the correct techniques to use when playing the bass, so that you produce the best possible sound. You will also learn a wide selection of notes, scales and pieces to fully understand how music is put together. It will also show you how to read and write music notation, allowing you to play whatever music you can get your hands on. On top of all of this, you should develop your listening skills so you also have the option of figuring songs out by ear as well.

All in all our aim here at XYZ Music Academy is to make well-rounded players who are capable of meeting all the demands that modern music has to offer.

Course content

Chapter 1 (Bass Anatomy And Basic Technique)

Bass Parts

Bass Technique

Chapter 2 (Open String Notes + Reading Music)

Reading Music

Open Strings


Man in Black



Chapter 3 (Exploring The E string)

Exploring the E string

Chapter 4 (2 String Review)

King of the World

Good Night

Race Theme

Chapter 5 (Adding The D string)

Exploring the D String

E, A and D Riffs

XYZ Blues

Crashing Around

Groove King

Chapter 6 (Adding The G string)

Exploring the G string

Grenade Launcher

Merrily We Roll Along

Brown Eyes

Chapter 7 (Introduction To Bass Tab)

Bass Tab

Greasy Food

Girl Like You

Chapter 8 (Accidentals)


Accidentals 2

Secret Agent

The Eighth Time

Chapter 9 (E Minor Pentatonic)

Em Pentatonic Scale

Em Pentatonic Riffs

Em Pentatonic Riffs (Not My Son)

Em Pentatonic Riffs (Frankenstein)

I Have The Power

Fill It Up

Chapter 10 (The Major Scale)

Major Scales

Clean Quarters

Chapter 11 (Harmony And The Creation Of A Bass Line)



Don’t Worry

Minor Tonality

Arpeggio Jamming

Simplifying The Chord

Creating A Bassline

Meet the expert

Michael Lee

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