Introduction to drumming.

XYZ Drums: Debut Course

An Introduction to the world of drums and what it has to offer!

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About this course

This course has been designed to build a solid foundation of knowledge in both music and drumming. By the end of this introductory course, we will have you playing along to music and raring to go onto some more challenging material. Be sure to make the most of the course by interacting with your tutor and other classmates. 

Course content

Introduction / Theory

0. Welcome

1. Identifying parts of the drum kit

2. Dynamics

3. Musical Features

4. Notes and Rests

5. Kit Posture

6. Grips and Fulcrums

7. Understanding Time Signatures

Drum Maintenance

8. How to reskin the bass drum

9. How to reskin the snare drum

10. How to reskin the Toms

11. How to tune the bass drum

12. How to tune the snare drum

13. Tuning the Toms

14-16. Setting up the drum kit

Understanding Time and Rhythm

17. Counting Methods

18. Rhythmic Words & Play Along

Rudimental and Co-ordination Study

19. Basic Handwork

20. Basic Footwork

21. Basic Hand and Footwork

22.1. Single Stroke Rolls

22.2. Double Stroke Rolls

23. The Paradiddle

1/4 Note Groove Study

24.1. Basic Quarter Note Groove

24.2. Alternate Quarter Note Groove

25-26 1/4 Note Bass Drum Variations

27-28 1/4 Note Snare Drum Variations

Band Practice Part 1

29.1. Best Day

29.2. Man in Black

29.3. Frankenstein

30.1. Grenade Launcher

30.2. On the Floor

30.3. Bite the Dust

31.1. How to play Sombrero

31.2. Sombrero

32.1. How to play XYZ Blues

32.2. XYZ Blues

33.1. How to Play Clean Quarters

33.2. Clean Quarters

8th Note Groove Study

34.1 Basic 8th Note Rock Groove

34.2 Alternate 8th Note Rock Groove

35-36. 8th Note Groove Bass Drum Variations

37-38. 8th Note Groove Snare Drum Variations

Band Practice Part 2

39.1. King of the World

39.2. I Gotta Feeling

39.3. Home Sweet Home

40.1. Cars

40.2. Amazing

40.3. When the Saints Go Marching In

41.1. Funky Boy

41.2. Not My Son

41.3. Louie Louie

42.1. Crazy Thing

42.2. Greasy Food

42.3. Smokey Lake

43.1. Blues Brothers

43.2. A Girl Like you

43.3. Brown Eyes

44.1. Race Theme

44.2. Secret Agent

45.1. How to play 8th Time

45.2. The Eighth Time

Some Useful Extras

46. Using the Cross Stick

47. Playing in Compound Time

Band Practice Part 3

48.1. Merrily We Roll Along

48.2. Don't Worry

48.3. Everybody Hurts

The Crash Cymbal

49.1 Using the Crash Cymbal in a quarter note groove context

49.2. Using the Crash Cymbal in a eighth note groove context

50. 1/4 Note Crash Groove Variations

51. 8th Note Crash Groove Variations

52.1. How to Play Groove King

52.2. Groove King

53.1. How To Play Crashing Around

53.2. Crashing Around

Drum Phrasing and Fills

54. Rhythmic Word (Mnemonic) Fills

55. Groove and Fill Exercises

56. Creating and Using 1 Beat Fills

57. Creating and Using 2 Beat Fills

58. Creating and Using 3 Beat Fills

59. Creating and Using 4 Beat Fills

60.1. How to Play Fill It Up

60.2. Fill It Up

61.1. How to Play Fillip

61.2. Fillip

Sight Reading

62.1. Sight Reading Tutorial

62.2. Sight Reading Tips

62.3. Piece 1

62.4. Piece 2

63.1. Piece 3

63.2. Piece 4

64.1. Drumline 1: Snare Piece

64.2. Drumline 1: Tom Piece

64.3. Drumline 1: Duet

65.1. Drumline 2: Snare Piece

65.2. Drumline 2: Tom Piece

65.3. Drumline 2: Combined

Final Chapter

66. Where Do We Go Now?

Meet the expert

Duncan Lee

“I have been drumming for 14 years now. I have studied with several great teachers who have all had a big impact on my approach to the drums including Glen Child, Oli Baxendale, Dan Foord, Steve Vintner and Will Gates. I have also attended a four-day Master Session with the fantastic Benny Greb. Over the past 10 years, I have focused on building strong relationships with my students. I offer extreme flexibility in my teaching method to suit every type of student. I sit my students through Rockschool and Trinity Guildhall exams. It never seizes to amaze me just how capable students can be if they are given effective tools to help them tackle any obstacle in their drumming lives! I feel very comfortable teaching all genres of music and have sat over 200 students in for exams. I strongly believe that students have a lot more to learn after grade 8 and I will do my best to stop complacency once this grand target has been reached!”


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Rob Hodgins

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